You Can Have A Great Marriage 

In society today, it is accepted (and often expected) that couples will “drift apart” or “fall out of love.”  Often, the most that you can expect in a marriage is to remain together for the sake of the kids.  But God is the creator of marriage, and he certainly has greater expectations for your relationship.  God teaches us, through the scriptures,  how to build loving and meaningful married relationships that not only last, but thrive!

Married Life

Whether you have been married for two months or twenty years, you are facing very real challenges in your marriage.  Finances, responsibilities, intamacy, schedules, children to name a few.  And the list goes on.  But remember, your marriage (yes, YOURS) is important to God.  A strong marriage is the bedrock of a strong unified family, and a beacon of hope for couples in the midst of hardship.  Our goal is to use God’s Word to help every marriage grow into the relationship that God has in mind.  The challenges certainly will not disappear, but our response to challenging situations does not have to result in a weakened relationship.  In fact, a Godly response has the potential to strengthen what was once weak.  To that end, we offer practical classes, Bible studies, and the opportunity to build deep relationships with other couples who can help.

Build Date: 5/22/2016