In 2018 we will be focusing on how we can be intentional with each other and our walks with God. We are asking that we all start to pray and think of how we can all be more intentional going into the new year.

Intentional in our walk with God.

What happens when you walk with someone? You are close to each other. You talk, laugh, listen, and share your hearts. You are in harmony, and you enjoy peaceful companionship. So it is when we walk with God. When we are walking with God, we are walking in the light. We don't have to carry our weaknesses on our own. We can be open and secure in the knowledge that our God loves us regardless of our weaknesses.

Intentional in our relationships.

The message of Jesus Christ brings together people of diverse backgrounds and personalities. In the world, these differences often create strife and misunderstandings. But Godly relationships demonstrate the reality of the gospel and glorify our Father. We must be active in cultivating a spirit of unity and of true closeness within the family of God.

Intentional in raising up leaders.

In order for the church to grow and be healthy, we must have people who are willing to serve in leadership roles. Intentionality in this area means actively shepherding members towards growing in Biblically sound leadership qualities, and members praying about growing in their willingness to serve in leadership capacities.

Intentional about planting and watering.

The Scriptures clearly teach that planting the seeds of faith and watering them are of paramount importance to God. We are praying to see those seeds of faith grow into 1 man and 1 woman baptized in each Bible Talk, and 8 baptisms in the Campus Ministry

Please join us in prayer as we go into the new year. Let's be ready to be intentional!

Build Date: 5/22/2016